17-year-old, Angelina Corbin is an up-and-coming, soulful, and passionate musician with stories to tell. She has been performing and writing since the age of 9 and had the release of her first EP titled "Events" in October of 2018. 

A native of Orlando, FL, she has been studying at performing arts programs for ten years.  For the past three years, she has been selected to participate in the very exclusive and intensive program in Los Angeles at the A Cappella Academy.  While studying at ACA, she had the opportunity to perform with Pentatonix at the Hollywood Bowl with 70 other talented singers in 2017. 

Angelina, now in her senior year of high school, is releasing a pop-ballad with her good friend Jeffrey Eli which drops Friday, October 18th, 2019.  She is also currently working on her first full-blown album to be released in 2020.  

"To me, music is a universal language that connects people at a guttural level." - Angelina

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